UCI Approved!

April 30, 2015

Curve UCI Approved WHeels

It's official - our  Curve Carbon 50mm wheels are on the UCI approved wheel list and our 38's have just passed the test too, so they will be on the list in the next week or so. This is huge and exciting news for us, as we had "umm and ahed" about going down this route for a long while now.

As you may already know, not everyone in cycling agrees with the UCI approval process. Their methods and their slow response into tackling new technology and innovations especially in the road racing genre has attracted a lot of debate. Beyond these issues, going down this path meant a considerable financial investment for us and in the end we had to show a commitment to the racers amongst us. The UCI testing process is a rigorous one, involving an independent laboratory in Belgium. This testing process has further validated our approach to R&D and proven we can meet these high standards.

Our CC 38s are specced as follows;

38mm x 25mm x 20H Front
38mm x 23mm x 24H Rear

The different rim widths serve a few purposes. The front it is designed around the better stiffness; resulting in better corning and handling. The extra width also allows us to build more material into the rim, resulting in better impact resistance. The rear is a slightly lighter rim designed to give you the extra acceleration you need out of corners and uphills.

Our CC 50s;

50mm x 23mm x 20H Front
50mm x 23mm x 24H Rear

With the deeper dish we've kept the rims width uniform. The carbon material required to build a rim to this depth means that we can retain stiffness and strength levels with out having to go wider. Ultimately we have designed these wheels in pursuit of the perfect balance between aero and weight.

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