Kudlila Rally: Part 2

In Part 2 of the Kudlila Rally blog, April recounts her journey on the very wet, cold and muddy first edition of the race. 

"When Simon announced the Kudlila Rally, I was immediately compelled to participate. I was also concerned about how gnarly the terrain was likely to be; knowing how strong Simon is and how much he loves to carve up single-track on skinnies, I anticipated that this route would serve this roadie up some challenges."

Words by April Drage.

Kudlila Rally: Part 2

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  • If it’s there, a gun-style carwash is brilliant for rehabilitating a gritty chain.
    Worked for me in Griffith, and Renmark after dirt sections…
    Of course, you were carrying your chain lube of choice…?

    Michael JAMES

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