Reflections on the Mallee Blast

Curve ambassador April Drage recently completed the Mallee Blast 1000 (southbound), an unsupported, mostly gravel, bikepacking race in regional Victoria. April is no stranger to riding long distances and was a strong finisher in the 2020 edition of Race to the Rock. What follows is an account of how April found herself lining up for the race, and even more importantly, how riding a bicycle is the best prescription for self-healing, clarity, and discovery.

Reflections on the Mallee Blast

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  • Wow April, you are petite at best, but apparently with the heart and mind of a mighty beast! I really enjoyed reading this.

    I can relate to your marathon and share your joy in being with one’s self. It is healing and it builds internal strength.

    I am keen to hear of your next professional venture but feel your rebirth and reflection could also best be served by educating the leaders of your old life to improve that system. I feel you have an opportunity before you of great influence if you shine a light on this very important industry.

    I really enjoyed reading your article. Thank you and well done.

    Petite and mighty!

    Scott Matthews
  • What a great read. Thanks for sharing. I think a lot of endurance athletes share the same mental state and they find catharsis in the pursuit of testing self limits.

    Sean Mahony
  • April, this is a fantastic write up about what appears to be a brilliant ride. Congratulations on your ride, your article & your new life direction!

    Rhymer Emma
  • These are inspiring words. I hope I too can be brave.

  • I loved reading your story. Inspirational. Thank you.

    Sue Richards

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