Allan Iacuone

Alby - Allan Iacuone

So you know - this guy's been swayed by the darkside and rides for Giant now, but he still rides our wheels when he can, and boy did he did do a heap of riding and testing for us.

Alby won the Aussie mens road champs way back in 1894, and then after a 120 year hiatus, he came back to win the National CX Champs in 2014. The People's Champ is one of the nicest and most talented guys to have thrown a leg over a Curve.

  • Hometown
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Nickname
  • Alby / The Peoples Champ
  • Instagram
  • @breakaway12
  • Favourite Ride
  • Completing the 230km 3 Peaks ride in unofficial record time on a Belgie AND it included a beer stop!

  • Achievements
  • 1994 – Aust. Nat. Men's Road Champ
  • 2002 – HS Suntour - 2nd Overall
  • 2014 – Aust. Nat. Men's CX Champion
  • 2015 – Aust. Nat. Men's Road Race - In the breakaway for 130kms at age 143

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