Chip Martens

Chip Martens

My name is Chip, and I’m the What Bars guy. After quitting BMX in my late teens to pursue bodybuilding, I came back around to bicycles about 5 years ago when I got a job closer to home and decided to start commuting by bike. After trying a few different bikes out, it was actually the Curve Grovel that inspired me to build up a similar bike as my commuter rig. After dropping some good money, I realized I hated the handlebars and the bike was not comfortable, so I put together a simple little tool (What Bars) to compare alternative bars and the rest is history.

Amazingly, I have had the privilege of riding a Curve for the last two years and it has completely transformed how I ride bikes. I primarily focus on commuting and slow touring, but my GXR has ignited a passion for exploring the roads less travelled, either loaded up with my camping gear with big tires, or stripped down with skinny tires and going fast.

Bikes have always been my form of catharsis. School wasn’t easy for me as I seemed to be an easy target for bullies. Luckily, after failing to take my own life, I discovered BMX bikes and an amazing group of friends who accepted me for who I was.

Now, in my early 30s, going through a divorce at the start of a global pandemic, working for a company in the tours & attractions industry, becoming a single dad… bikes once again have been my way to deal with my demons. I have some amazing people in my life, but me and my GXR have covered thousands of miles of cycling meditation on the rough prairie gravel roads, and I have Curve to thank for opening my eyes to this new world of cycling. Bikes have truly saved my life!

  • Hometown
  • Middle of nowhere, Manitoba, Canada
  • Instagram / Website
  • @whatbars / @chipmartens
  • Nickname
  • Chap
  • Achievements
  • Other than various first place prizes in BMX, speed swimming and bodybuilding
  • My biggest achievement is being a single dad to my two amazing kids, and watching them grow into amazing little human beings.

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  • Topo Designs
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