Jonny Odams

Jonny Odams

I'm Jon. A life time bike rider. While I race MTB and Gravel with the Giant team I also spend time on my road bike and enduro bikes too. My first mountain bike ride was 25 years ago this year. I still love the adventure and smiles the bike brings.

My wife Alyce and I have two daughters that enjoy riding and taking them for a spin on the local trails and sharing that experience makes me happy.

Adventure riding is something that I day dream about more and more. Going places that many people haven't seen before and experiencing new (dirt) roads or trails. When I get some spare time I'm going bike touring to somewhere tropical. A lap of Bali, Fiji and Lombok as well as some riding in Thailand are high on the list.

  • Hometown
  • Sutherland in the South of Sydney
  • Instagram
  • @jonnodams
  • Favourite Rides
  • New Zealand is high on the list for good times on the MTB in Rotorua, BC / North Vancouver or Finale Ligure in Italy.

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