Kevin Benkinstein

Kevin Benkinstein

Meet Kevin 'Benky' Benkenstein, the man behind Curve in Africa, an all-round accomplished cyclist and one of the friendliest guys you’ll ever meet. 

“I just really love riding and where it takes me, who it allows me to meet and how it lets me see and experience the world in a unique and, I think, deeper way than any other form of travel. Riding has been an outlet for me in good and bad times and has played a huge part in me becoming the person that I am today, good and bad. 

As much as I love to explore to see I do it to show or encourage others the beauty of our surrounds too. I often feel that our own Country is seen as somewhere that we know but almost always that is proven otherwise once one starts to head into the backroads, forgotten areas and the big open spaces - it is there that I find the true heart and soul of my Country and our people and I am passionate about showing others that and encouraging them to head out and explore on their own too, my ultimate goal. 

Sometimes I like to try ride far as fast as I am able to too, and I find that to be a truly liberating experience mentally, as I slowly break down and dig deeper into all reserves, emotional and physical. By doing this I believe a more honest version of myself becomes known to me and I am able to become more me and, I hope, better for those who I love the most.”

  • Hometown
  • Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
  • Nickname
  • Benky
  • Instagram
  • @KevinBenky
    • Favourite Ride
    • Nottingham Road to the top of Sani Pass via the Lotheni Road is a spiritual ride for me, one that builds to a crescendo and always leaves me feeling better about the world and more in love with bikes.
    • Achievements
    • 2017 Race to the Rock - 2nd / 1st Male :)
    • 2016 - SA Everesting speed record
    • I 'broke even' racing bikes overseas for a few years while living in the 2x2m spare room of an 80 year-old Belgian grandmother.
    • Made my wife go bikepacking at 3,000m altitude for our honeymoon and she didn’t divorce me.
    • Three Cape Epic finishes, 3 ‘The Munga’ finishes including a podium place, Fastest Time by a South African in The 36One (2018).
    • Rode fast once upon a time as a roadie too, but that was a different life.

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