Xavier Massart

Xavier Massart

Meet Belgian Ultra Distance Cyclist, Xavier Massart


"I started endurance sport in 2012 as a triathlete racing up to Ironman distance. In 2016 after a year of bikepacking across Canada, I discovered myself a passion for long distance cycling. As an avid traveler, I realized that ultra distance cycling events could combine competition and exploration.

As a result, in 2018, I challenged myself to race the longest bike race at that time: the Trans America Bike Race, a gruelling 7,000 km event, crossing the USA from West to East. I completed this race in 26 days, covering approximately 300 km a day. This opened an all new world of possibilities to me and the same year I competed in two BikingMan events, allowing myself to be ranked 9th overall on the whole series.


Being the only Belgian elite athlete on the circuit, I had the opportunity to work directly with the BikingMan organisation to represent them as their only Belgian ambassador. I'm now on my way to this second season as an elite ultra distance cyclist, racing the whole 2019 BikingMan série, alongside some longer famous events such as the Trans Continental Race or the Trans Pyrenees Race. Today, ultra distance cycling became my daily life and profession, as an athlete but also working to promote this sport and his value of challenges, mental strength and curiosity to discover the world"

  • Hometown
  • Brussels
  • Nickname
  • Xa
  • Instagram
  • @xaviermassart
    • Favourite Ride
    • My fav backyard ride is a 15 km loop called the Beers'Hell, featuring two infamous climbs (Beersel climb and Bruyne Put hill). A more scenic one would be a 300 km one-way road from Jasper to Banff in the Canadian Rockies - watch out for bears!
    • Achievements
    • 2018 : Only Belgian athlete to be ranked for the whole BikingMan 2018 series, in 9th position
    • 2018 : Ranked 6th overall at BikingMan Corsica and BikingMan Taiwan
    • 2018 : 30th overall at the 2018 Trans America Bike Race (6900k m in 26 days)
    • 2018 : Attempted to set up the first speed record of solo bike across Belgium (355 km in 14h - Refused by Guinness Book Committee, too short! )
    • 2017 : 8000 km bike tour across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax
    • 2016 : Challenge Wanaka full distance triathlon (New Zealand). 12h 46 (I took the scenic route)
    • Sponsors
    • Dromarti cycling shoes, Innerme organic nutrition, Spanninga lights, Wild and Run, Curve Cycling & Bikingman

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