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Curve T47 Bottom Bracket

"What is T47, not another standard?" we hear you say, but here is why it solves the problems we face in designing our bikes.

We've been testing the T47 since 2015. We've always been fans of the BSA 68mm threaded BB with its no creak reputation, but it was a little on the small side. The larger Press Fit 30 bottom bracket (PF30 BB) allowed for a stiffer junction in a high load part of the frame, but overall we were never enamoured with its lack of threads.

Enter the T47. Developed by Chris King and Argonaut, it's oversized and threaded, allowing for the use of a wide range of spindle types, low flex and creak free frames. We typically run cranks with 30mm or DUB spindles on our bikes.

We've been impressed from the start and began rolling it out across our frames in 2017. Now all Curve frames, from our road bike to MTB share a T47 bottom bracket.

Enjoy your threads.


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