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Hanger Type 3 for Titanium Frames

Type 3 black alloy replacement hanger to suit all Curve Ti frames that feature 12 x 142 and 12 x 148 axles. This hanger is an update to the previous Type 2 hanger to increase resilience and strength to all but major impacts. 


This hanger is suitable for: Belgie V3, Belgie Ultra, Belgie AIR, GXR (Kevin), GMX+, DownRock alongside our discontinued models Belgie Spirit, CXR, GMX and UpRock.


Note: We do not always have stock spare hangers for our older, out-of-production frames. However, high-quality alternatives can be sourced from Wheels Manufacturing.

Grovel V2 (Quick Release)
Wheels MFG Product: Derailleur Hanger 1 (SKU: DROPOUT-1)

Belgie Classic (Quick Release)
Wheels MFG Product: Derailleur Hanger 58 (SKU: DROPOUT-58)

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