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GMX+ Carbon Fork

The GMX+ Carbon Fork is the ultimate bikepacking fork.
With space for up to 3.0" tyres and a multitude of mounting options, the GMX+ carbon fork will be a solid companion over any terrain throughout all your adventures.


The GMX+ Carbon Fork

The GMX+ Carbon Fork is the ultimate bikepacking fork and a solid companion over any terrain for any adventure.

Initially available to work in unison with the GMX+ frameset and our popular Walmer bar, the GMX+ carbon fork is now available as a non-suspension corrected alternative.

The GMX+ Carbon Fork features the lowest possible axle to crown height, 430 mm, allowing frame builders to develop bikes accommodating wider tyres, with a clearance of up to 3.0 inches. With wider tyres, you can explore more rugged terrain with ease.

The GMX+ Carbon Fork is fitted with 12 x M5 mounts, perfect for attaching our Rocket Pooches or a wide range of fork-specific bikepacking bags. You can also add extra cages to store water on longer rides.

Recommended load capacity for the mounts on the leg is 3 kilograms across 3 mount points.

This fork is not designed to replace a suspension fork.

Fork Includes


Carbon construction
Stainless steel hardware
Non-suspension corrected
12 x M5 mounts (6 per side)
430 mm axle to crown
55 mm offset
15 x 110 mm axle spacing
180 mm post mount brake
1.5" tapered steerer
Weight: 619 gm



Carbon expander
15 x 110 mm front axle
Front brake cable guide (external)

Please Note: The GMX+ Fork is not compatible with HOPE or Paul Klamper brake calipers. 

What is the maximum recommended spacer stack I can put under my stem? We don't recommend any more than 30mm below your stem, and suggest putting a 3-5mm spacer above the stem to ensure precise compression and ample clearance of your stem cap.

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