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Belgie Air

from $6,999

The ultimate realisation of the Belgie...

  • Limited Edition 
  • Assembled in Melbourne  
  • In Collaboration with Bastion Cycles

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In 2018 Curve Cycling celebrated 5 years in business and on December the 23rd, Steve Varga (Curve’s co-founder) had turned 40. In celebration of these milestone Steve decided to design Curve and their devoted followers, the ultimate realisation of a Belgie. He wanted to explore new innovation, showcase our Melbourne cycling culture and make himself the best damn birthday present ever.

About the AIR

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A Melbourne Colab.


Frameset Specs

Seat Tube Filament Wound High Modulus Carbon Fibre. Manufactured in Australia for cycling specific applications according to Bastion engineering. Bastion signature weave is unique both in its appearance and its properties
Topper The 3d printed titanium topper is Ti6Al4V Grade 5 Titanium manufactured using Laser Bed Powder Fusion. This is a form of additive manufacturing, otherwise known as 3d printing.
Bonding Aerospace Grade - 2 Part Epoxy developed for bonding metals to carbon fibre composites. Developed for high-temp. environments and chemical resistance.
Where is the Belgie AIR made? The main titanium structure is handmade to order by Curve in the P.R.C (Yep, that's China), with Bastion completing the final assembly, bonding and QC in Melbourne, Australia.


Bastion 3D Printed Titanium Topper

Filament Wound Carbon Seat Mast

Assembled in Melbourne


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