Rhino's Spirit IPWR T-Shirt

Our Rhino has just ridden from one end of the country to the other! You've followed his gram, now share in his #IPWR story via this t-shirt 

The Indian Pacific Wheel Race was cancelled for 2018, but our Rhino didn't care... he and a bunch of other trailblazers went on an did it anyhow! 

Show your support, as proceeds of these Tees are going back to help pay off  Rhino's food bill.

Women's Tee -  AS Colour Wafer Tee in Canary Yellow
Check out sizing here https://www.ascolour.com.au/4002-wafer-tee.html

Men's Tee - AS Colour Staple in Lemon

  • Pre-Sale on for a Week Only
  • Delivery 3-4 weeks
  • Printed in Australia!

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