Rocket Pooch

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launch yourself off the couch...

Maximise your adventure rig with the Curve Rocket Pooch and Titanium Cage. Designed to work with triple boss mounts - such as those on our GXR Seek Fork  - these cargo carrying wonders will increase the amount of gear you can load onto your gravel/bikepacking rig by up to 8L.

Thanks to multi-stage design, testing and prototyping direct from the Night Dragon genius and off-road ultra-endurance legend that is Jesse Carlsson, the Rocket Pooch is packed full of bikepacking dreams, and they’re tough enough to withstand the roughest roads and wildest weather so you can focus on your adventure.

Rocket Pooch

Secure me
1, 2, 3, 4

1 Ensure the top rear pocket is pulled down snugly over the top of the cage.
2 Loop the bottom strap through the lower cage hole and secure with velcro.
3 & 4 Loop both side-straps around the cage and secure with velcro.

Tech Spec

Max capacity: 4L
Material: 100D / 400D Cordura
Mounts to Rocket Cage

Titanium Rocket Cage
Material: Titanium
Mounts to: Triple 5M Boss Mounts
Bike packing fork bag pannier

pockets galore


What do I get for $229? One Pooch bag and one titanium cage. Please add two to Cart for a pair.
Can I use the bags with my Salsa Anything cage? Nope, different shape, not compatible.
What is Cordura Fabric? Originally developed for light yet durable technical packs requiring an optimal strength-to-weight ratio, CORDURA® Lite fabrics are woven with high tenacity nylon 6,6 filament yarns and offer enhanced tear and abrasion resistance.
Are they waterproof? Yes, the main part of the pooch will protect your gear when things get wet and wild. The outer pockets are not 100% waterpoof.
Can I buy the cages and bags separately? Initially, the Rocket Pooch bag and titanium Rocket Cage will be sold together as they are designed to work together. The bags and cages come with a 2 year warranty against manufacturing faults.
What’s the maximum volume and weight that a Rocket Pooch can carry? Each Rocket Pooch bag is 4L MAX, but should carry a max weight of 3kg. Please use according to your fork specification, ie: if your fork is rated to a max 5kg, do not over load your Rocket Pooch bag.

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