MTB Tech Talk


The Hookless profile offers higher impact resistance due to the elimination of the complicated bead hook. Removing this unnecessary and complex part of an MTB rim means that less material is used overall making the rim lighter. The simplified profile results in a more consistent layering of the carbon and resin meaning less voids or air pockets and less resin build up, which ultimately means a lower chance of building weak spots into a rim.

Weight vs. Grip vs. Stiffness.

Since forever the cycling community has been bombarded with the marketing keywords "Lighter and Stiffer!" But what about Grippier?

These wheels will build up light, and they will be stiff. But these two features alone do not make a MTB racer lap faster. It is the rider's grip that is vital. Grip increases cornering speed - resulting in less dabbing of the brakes scrubbing your speed. Increased grip amounts to predictable handling. Which in turn boosts rider confidence, especially when descending. Grip also increases traction over technical climbs - which means less time walking your bike up those tricky rocky, rooty sections. Your extra grip is obtained via the rim width. Wider rims allow the use of bigger tyres, ridden at lower pressures.

Pretty Simple! Light + Stiff + Grip= faster and safer riding!

When paired with the appropriate tyre, inflated at optimum pressure for the rider weight, bike type and riding style, the magic begins to happen. Our MTB wheels have a sweet balance of the three key characteristics that help make your off-road experience fun as possible.

It's only half the challenge to actually equip yourself with the right gear, being informed as to how to set it up and use it most effectively is also very important.

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