Stock Holding Info.

We receive a lot of enquiry from stores wanting to stock our products or sell the occasional Curve product, which is great. But we simply don't have enough stock on hand to cover everyone. To help clarify how we distribute Curve products, below is an outline of how we order. (This is mostly relevant to carbon rims and complete wheel sets.)

Curve Stock: First dibs on the stock we carry is for our direct through web-shop customers. We generally send these orders straight out to the customer directly. Curve tops up stock generally on a fortnightly basis. Turn around time is generally 2 weeks giving us a smooth rotation of stock on hand.

Curve Dealers: Dealers will order and top up their own stock, also generally on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Dealers stock is ordered specifically for each dealer according to their individual needs.

Curve OEM Dealers: Similar to Curve Dealers but at OEM Terms & Conditions. Orders are generally bigger, and stock rotation happens faster.

General Retailers: Retailers whom make the occasional sale of a Curve product may have access to Curve stock at a wholesale price if available. If excess stock is not available at the time of the enquiry, the retailer may add to the next Curve Stock order.

Curve Ambassadors: Riders whom we collaborate with on an individual basis or team basis, must pre-order and pre-pay for their goodies. These orders are then added to the next Curve Stock order and either picked up from us or delivered directly to where ever you are in the world.