Warranty details

Curve Frames include a 10-year manufacturer's (back to base) warranty. Curve wheels and accessories include a 2-year manufacturer's (back to base) warranty. This covers any manufacturing default that may become evident during normal riding.

This warranty does not cover products that are deemed consumable products, such as brake pads, tyres, tubes, tyre sealant and in most cases - nipples and spokes. Nipples and spokes are only covered under warranty if an unusual amount of breakages and failures occur during use of the product under appropriate conditions.

This warranty does not cover the product if the product has been used outside of normal use and/or has damage commonly caused by rider error. This covers up to and including any crashing of the bicycle (both self and situation inflicted), riding with incorrect tyre pressure (or pressures outside of the recommended range), rider exceeding the recommended rider weight for the specific wheelset or driving your roof rack-mounted bike into a low overhead obstruction such as a garage, car park, street sign or tree branch.

Warranty process and expected turnaround time

Being a small and new company we have limitations on stock holdings and back-up product being on hand. Therefore, expected turnaround on an approved warranty claim may take up to 6 weeks and in certain circumstances even longer. A demo set will be loaned if possible but is not guaranteed. We will endeavour to improve our response time as we grow with regard to our warranty procedure to ensure it will be as quick and painless as possible.

Warranty cost

The cost of exchange is free of charge for any approved claims. Labour to rebuild a faulty wheel is free. The customer making the claim must pay for the return of the product to Curve's warehouse (back to base), however, freight will be free for the product's return to the customer.

Spokes that need replacing will be charged accordingly (dependent on the wheel model).

Crash replacement

In the event of damage caused by a crash, a customer may make a crash-replacement claim. This replacement will be charged at 25% off our RRP stated on our website. Rebuild labour will be free of charge. Spokes will be charged accordingly.

Ex-demo, sample and clearance item warranty

A 1-year manufacturer's warranty will apply to any items that fall under these labels. 

- Ex-Demo products assume the item has been used. Any Ex-Demo products will be serviced and inspected prior to sale to ensure it is safe and sound for its new owner.

- Sample items are items that we have either newly sourced, have had specially manufactured for Curve, have been built to test a new configuration of rim/spoke/hub etc., have been treated with new finishes or the like. Most samples will be used, however there are times that certain samples will be sold having not been previously used. They will still retain a 1-year warranty.

- Clearance items may be any combination or variation of the above and will be heavily reduced in price to its new owner. These products will have a 1-year warranty.

Conditions exclusive to our Road Wheels (Particularly clinchers)

The brake track on our carbon road wheels is very durable and long lasting. Ensuring on-going maintenance and basic cleaning habits are employed, you should expect to get many years of safe use from your new Curve wheels based on approximately 8000km (5000mi)-10,000km (6250mi) per year. But just like any wheels, regardless of the material they are made from, they will wear out with regular use. Wear rate will vary depending on the riders style and terrain.

Wear will be accelerated when ridden in the following conditions; 

- Wet weather, especially when road grit, dirt and sand finds its way between the brake track and the brake pad. This creates an abrasive contact between the two surfaces and speeds up wear.

- Riding your brakes. When descending, it is much more efficient to not brake at all if you can help it. But of course large hills and gravity work together to pull you to the bottom as fast as physics allows. Lightly and periodically dabbing your brakes leading up to and into corners is much easier on your equipment as it keeps operating temperatures down and improves speed and control. Apply your brakes lightly enough so that as you enter a corner your intended line is not affected and your rhythm is not thrown. Remain in the drops of your bars with your weight low and slightly shifted back over the rear wheel and apply front and rear brakes fairly evenly.

- Tyre pressures. Operating pressure recommendations are very important when setting up your wheels before riding. Please do not exceed 120psi max. Especially if you are riding hilly terrain. This is a Max limit that must be adhered to. 


NOTE: Our warranty policy is an evolving document. Changes to this document will be made at Curve Cycling's discretion.