Wheel Weight Guide

Curve Wheel Weight guide.

Listed here are some popular wheel components and their respective weights. This info here is compiled for you to help inform you of some of the components we use or recommend in our wheel builds. This information is intended as a guide only, and the exact weight of your final build may deviate slightly from this info due to what consumables (lubes, grease, Spoke Treatment etc.) are used.

*All figures on rims are based on target weights and are subject to up to +/- 15g


Road (Depth by Width)

24mm x 23mm = 365g (disc only)

38mm x 23mm = 445g

38mm x 25mm = 465g

50mm x 23mm = 480g

50mm x 25mm = 515g

CX / Road Disc

30mm x 25mm = 450g

38mm x 25mm = 455g

CX  30mm x  30mm  = 380g (max pressure 65psi)

Road Tubular

38mm x 23mm = 355g

50mm x 23mm = 385g

CX Tubular

30mm x 25mm = 360g

38mm x 25mm = 365g

50mm x 25mm = 415g


26” x 33.5mm x 32mm = 415g

27.5" x 35mm x 24mm = 415g

29” x 30mm x  30mm XC = 380g

29” x 30mm x  30mm AM = 420g

29" x 27.5mm x 24mm = 370g

Road Alloy (Coming soon)

16mm x 24mm = 540g

Hubs (Weight in a pair)

DT Swiss 240 Road = 313g

DT Swiss 240 CL MTB = 361g

DT Swiss 350 Road = 418g

White Ind. T11 = 344g

White Ind.  CLD = 412g

Spokes (Based on 262mm Length)

Road guide based on 44 spokes

MTB guide based on 64 spokes

DT Swiss Champion – Road = 298g, MTB = 434g

DT Swiss Competition – Road = 260g, MTB = 380g

DT Swiss Super Comp – Road = 218g, MTB = 318g

DT Swiss Revolution – Road = 190g, MTB = 276g

Sapim CX – Road = 295g, MTB = 428g

Sapim CX Ray – Road = 194g, MTB = 282g


DT Swiss Alloy 12mm x 2mm – Road = 14g, MTB = 20g

DT Swiss Brass 12mm x 2mm – Road = 42g, MTB = 62g

DT Swiss Alloy 12mm x 1.8mm (Super Comp) - Road = 14g, MTB = 20g

DT Swiss Brass 12mm x 1.8mm (Super Comp) – Road = 46g, MTB = 68g

Sapim SILS Alloy 14mm x 2mm – Road = 16g, MTB = 24g

Nipple Washers

Sapim Brass - Road (44) = 6g, MTB (64) = 8g


Ti/Alloy Road = 48g


*Each weight listed is here is verified by Curve and weighed in house.

To simplify the information, a complete itemized breakdown has not been provided, so if you are seeking specific information on any of these products, please visit the manufactures website.

We have only listed the most common components that we use in our builds. This list and the figures contained within are for wheel build weight projections only. For actual guidance on what is the most appropriate build for your new wheels, please contact us to discuss.


DT Swiss


White Ind.