CURVE G4 Carbon Road Clincher Rim

G4 is finally here!

Our carbon wheels have come of age. Based off the success of our 3rd generation road wheels, comes the G4; Our 4th Generation Wheel with Dragon Skin Technology.

We offer a wide range of rim only products allowing riders and wheel builders fulfil almost any wish list.  Our 25 x 25 rim is our lightest road and road disc rim. Don't let the light weight fool you though, when combined with high-end hubs and spokes by an experienced wheel builder, these wheels will be able to conquer as much vert as you can.


Type: Rims

Material Carbon Fiber (3K and UD T700 Toray)
Finish Natural Resin appearance
Profile Hooked Clincher
Depth - (mm) 25
Width - External | Internal - (mm) 25 | 18
Spoke Hole Drillings 16, 20, 24*, 28*, 32*
Brake Type Disc only
Max. Pressure - (PSI) 120
Max. Rider Weight - (Kg) 105**
Max. Spoke Tension - (Kgf) 120
ERD 590
Weight - (g) 390***

 *Available in disc only. **Includes cargo. *** +/- 10g

Curve Cycling G4 carbon 25 x 25 road disc rims


Q - Do you have a list of preferred wheel builders?

A - Yes. Check here for a complete list of CURVE Rim stockists and preferred wheel builders.

Q - Is my warranty effected by using a wheel builder outside of this list?

A - No. As long as the wheel builder has had experience with carbon rims we will honor a defective rim.

Curve Cycling Carbon G4 rims