Curve Belgie Framesets Clearance (Disc and Rim)

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As we move to some new updates on the Belgie we have a few in stock that we can offer at some very nice pricing.

We've got; 

  • 2 x 52 Di2 Rim Brake - Raw Left

The Belgie Ti is the most versatile road race bike you'll ever have the pleasure of thrashing. It's a head-turner glamour bike but don't be fooled – it won't be satisfied with casual café cruises. It can haul you across continents, win you crits, gobble cobbles and slay KOMs. In fact, it's done all these things and more.


Named after and designed for the infamous Belgie ride –
a multi-surface smashfest over the cobbles, tracks and grassy knolls of Melbourne –
the Belgie's aggressive race geometry paired with slightly longer chainstays offer cobbled compliance, enhanced rock-skipping
traction and shitloads of speed.
And it's not just the Belgie's abilities that make it Curve's most popular bike.
It's also beautiful and according to those who know, pretty wily. Oh, and accomplished –
it's been raced in a national road race championships, crits, the TransAm (it won that) and everything in between.
Alby People's Champ Riding Curve at the National Road Champs
Alby (Allan) Iacuone at the '17 Australian National Road Champions  Photo Kirsty Baxter


Race geometry slightly modified by turning the adventure knob up to 11. 
Tyre clearance from 700 x 19 (if you're from 1994) to 700 x 28.
Long chainstays so you can glide over cobbles like Boonen.
Old school or new school, we got you.

So you can ride it hard and fast, titanium must be machined and welded with care and precision.
Our frame builders are masters in the art of continuous seam welding and we utilise a
meticulous machining process that is accurate to the micrometer.
(that's really really accurate)  


All frames are impeccably hand built in the P.R.C. (Peoples Rep. of China)
and we are proud of our production partner.

Every tube across each size and model is specifically designed to produce a stiff,
compliant and tuned ride.  At the core of each frame is a 3Al - 2.5V Grade 9 Aerospace grade titanium tube-set.
This grade is optimal for the manufacture of bicycle frames and has been chosen for its
stiffness and durability. Giving you a lightweight bike with a truly lively ride quality.


Belgie Titanium Bicylcle Frame Precision Detail




Curve Belgie Ti frame : Default finish is the raw Ti, two tone design as pictured above
Curve full carbon tapered fork
Curve sealed bearing Headset
Curve Ti seat collar
Barrel adjusters & BB cable guide


Belgie Ti Classic Frame




    SIZE 47 50 52 54 56 58 61 64
    Effective Top Tube (Horizontal) - mm 495 515 530 545 560 580 600 615
    Seat Tube (Centre to Top) - mm 470 500 520 540 565 590 620 640
    Seat Tube Angle - Degrees 74.5 74 74 73.5 73.5 73 72.8 72.5
    Head Tube Angle - Degrees 71.5 72 72.5 73 73 73.5 73.5 73.5
    Chain Stay Length - mm 408 408 410 410 410 412 415 415
    BB Drop - mm 70 70 69 69 67 67 67 67
    Wheel Base - mm 949 960 974 980 996 1018 1029 1040
    Head Tube Length - mm 100 110 120 140 155 175 200 230
    Reach - mm 351 365 377 381 392 407 412 418
    Stack (Includes headset) - mm 514 521 532 552 565 584 610 638
    Front Centre - mm 551 563 574 580 595 616 623 634
    Stand Over - mm 728 746 761 781 801 823 849 872


    Belgie Titanium Bicycle Frame


    Rear Axle Spacing: 130mm QR | Head Tube Diameter (Internal): 44mm

    Seat Clamp Size: 31.8mm Seat Post Size: 27.2mm

    Rotor size: 140mm Brakes: Choice of disc or rim

    Max Tyre Clearance: 700C x 28 (although not all tyres are created equal) 

    BB Shell: 68 BSA NOTE: T47 BB standard is currently rolling out - Please contact us if this effects you | Weight Approx: | 1390g (54) 

    Bidon Mounts: 2 x Standard


    Q - How long will it take to receive my Belgie?

    A - Your new Belgie might be shipped to you the next day! But... Not all sizes and configurations will be that fast. Be prepared for up to 8-10 weeks for delivery. This will give you plenty of time to accumulate your build kit and bits and bobs.

    Q - I love the paint jobs you guys have been offering on the Belgie, Does this cost extra?

    A - Yes. Yes it does. Paint is an additional charge that ranges from AUD$190 (Fork only 2 colours - AUD$1200+) for a full custom job.

    Q - What paint do you use, or is it still this "Nano-Coat" you had been using?

    A - We have recently dropped the Nano-coat option from our offering and are now using the PPG auto paint system. The PPG system starts with a strong foundation of primer, rich lusty colours in the base coats and durable, long lasting, buffable, baked on clear coats to finish. 

    Q - Where can I find more images of other riders builds?

    A - Explore Instagram #curvebelgie

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