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Grav AL. 700c

CURVE Grav AL. 700 Wheelset

Nothing's changed except the artwork.



A light, fast & affordable. wheelset for cyclocross, gravel or road. Same quality alloy wheels, with fresh new artwork.

Curve 700c Grav AL Wheels

Grav AL
is Metal

Grav AL. 30 x 24 TLR
Width 19mm Internal
24mm External
Depth 30mm
ERD 580
Weight, Rim only 500g
Profile Tubeless ready
Material Satin Aluminium by Kinlin Taiwan
Finish Satin Black Anodised / Lazer etched design
Max. Pressure (PSI) 120
Max. Riding Weight 115kg


What tyres can I run? Any 700c 25–45mm tyres – as long there is enough clearance in your frame/fork! We recommend you get your Grav ALs set up tubeless, but you can still use tubes if you like.
Why only 28h? We believe 28 holes is ideal for most all-road, off-road and light touring applications.
What does "ERD" and "Spoke L. F&R NDS & DS" mean? These secret codes are for the wheel illuminati. ERD stands for Effective Rim Diameter, measured at the spoke hole (external). "Spoke L. F&R NDS & DS" is the "Length" of spoke for the "Front" and "Rear" "Non-Drive Side" and "Drive Side"

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