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Dirt Hoops 650b

For shredding trails or tearing up gravel, our 650B (27.5") DIRT HOOPS are built tough, so you can party hard and ride harder. Team a set of 650B Dirt Hoops with your Curve GXR to fly down fire roads, or upgrade your MTB for non-stop grins on the trails. With our Dirt Hoops, we've combined excellence from our previous off-road wheels with new technology to bring you wheels that out-perform in the burgeoning worlds of dirt riding and racing. 

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Dirt Hoops to SHRED

650B / 27.5 WIDE 35
Rim Profile: 27mm x 35mm ext.
Internal Width: 25mm
Rim Weight : 365g
Wheelset Weight : 1430g
ERD:  547mm


What Tyres Can I Run? So many choices! A 25mm internal rim typically works well within a range of tyres from 1.75" - 2.5" (44mm - 64mm). Some narrower tyres on wider rims will square off too much, and some wider tyres on narrower rims will fold and squirm due to lack of sidewall support. This is more common at the extremes (eg a knobby 44mm on 25mm internal width)
Why Brass Nipples? Although brass nipples are slightly heavier than alloy nipples, they are far less likely to suffer corrosion and premature failure. They are durable, serviceable and ideal for extended usage
Can I Customise the Build? Definitely. Dirt Hoops are available as rim only. You can then configure your wheels any way you want. As long as your hubs of choice are 28h.
Why only 28h? We believe 28H is ideal for most off-road applications. Through a custom build you can obtain a competitive Weight Weenie-ish XC configurations up to super robust expedition strength wheels.
What Tyre Pressure to Run? Wow... We get asked this so often and we don't even manufacture tyres. Follow the guide on your tyre and have fun experimenting +/- a few PSI's for feel.

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