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Rocket Pooch

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Our micro pannier bikepacking bag and titanium cage is built for any size adventure.


What is a Rocket Pooch?

Our Rocket Pooch was born from the idea to create a simple, micro pannier bikepacking bag that we would use on our own adventures. We chose fabrics to help repel water, a design that lends itself to dry bag technology, and wanted plentiful pockets for storage. The cage of course had to be titanium, for strength in structure, performance under load and it’s lightweight.

Initially designed to work with our Ride 400 fork, the titanium Rocket Cage can be fastened to most triple+ mount forks or rear stays with mounting points. The Rocket Pooch holds firmly thanks to a unique 4 point velcro strap system and can withstand any corrugated desert road and rugged mountain descent.

Quick Guide: Rocket Pooch Attachment

1 Ensure the top rear pocket is pulled down snugly over the top of the cage.
2 Loop the bottom strap through the lower cage hole and secure with velcro.
3 & 4 Loop both side-straps around the cage and secure with velcro.


What do I get for $229? One Pooch bag and one titanium cage. Please select Two-Pack for a pair.
Can I use the bags with my Salsa Anything cage? Nope, different shape, not compatible.
What is Cordura Fabric? Originally developed for light yet durable technical packs requiring an optimal strength-to-weight ratio, CORDURA® Lite fabrics are woven with high tenacity nylon 6,6 filament yarns and offer enhanced tear and abrasion resistance.
Are they waterproof? Yes, the main part of the pooch will protect your gear when things get wet and wild. The outer pockets are not 100% waterproof.
Can I buy the cages and bags separately? Yes, but keep in mind the Rocket Pooch bag and titanium Rocket Cage are designed to work together. The cage will work with other dry-sack type bags, but the bag will not work with other cages. The bags come with a 1-year warranty and the cages a 2-year warranty against manufacturing faults.
What’s the maximum volume and weight that a Rocket Pooch can carry? Each Rocket Pooch bag is 4L MAX, but should carry a max weight of 3kg. Please use according to your fork specification, ie: if your fork is rated to a max 5kg, do not overload your Rocket Pooch bag.
Bolts: an important note If mounting to a carbon fork, please ensure you use M5 bolts (not included) that are the correct length for the fork. On a GXR Seek Fork, we recommend 12mm M5 bolts. Bolts are not included.