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Trans-Lesotho Expedition

Adventure awaits.
Trans Lesotho Cycling Expedition

Curve Cycling and Benky Rides, bring you the Trans-Lesotho Expedition: an African adventure into a land barely touched by the modern world. A land where shepherds tend their flocks, families grow their food, where mountains reign and the weather controls your every move. This is a land of beauty and freedom, one that is rarely explored - not least by bike - and is ready to be discovered. The days are full of vistas, mountains and rural towns. We will spend the vast majority of our time in open mountain plains and farmlands away from towns and modern life. The penalty - or rewards - for that, is many a climb but the views and freedom far exceed the effort expended to receive them.

Only for the hard core... 

Ride Details

Dates 19–28 October 2019
The Ride Total 620km and 16,000vm
Prep + Gear Check Rides: 1 (20 October, compulsory)
Total Expedition Days: 7 (21-27 October)
Travel Days: 2 (19 and 28 October)
Average Day: 6 hours of riding covering 100km and 2,500m of climbing.
Hardest Day: 150km and 3,000m of elevation change (Around 10 hours on rough and hilly roads at high altitude).
Rest Days: There are no rest days on this expedition.
Altitude Range: 1,500m–3,300m

This is a Benky Rides expedition, a company founded by a close friend of Curve, Kevin Benkenstein. Kevin and Curve believe that it's "never just a bike ride". We believe in taking the unknown path, in discovering new places, views and trails and we believe in sharing that with the friends we make along the way. The Benky Rides experience is all about having fun, new experiences, making memories, laughter and most of all about rediscovering the love of riding 'just because'. 

Benky Rides


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