Introducing the Curve Cycling Titanium Belgie Spirit

July 29, 2016

Curve Cycling Titanium Belgie Spirit Endurance Road Bicycle

All day... any road! With a more endurance-oriented geometry and wider tyre clearance than the original Belgie, the Belgie Spirit is the perfect bike to help you rediscover your spirit of adventure.

The CURVE Grovel V2. Gets a mention from touring guru -

July 25, 2016

CURVE Grovel V2. Steel Adventure touring bike Front Detail

Alee D from knows a thing or two or three about touring bikes. Here is the touring Guru's overview of the CURVE Grovel V2. Click through for a picture tour and words from a rider that has ridden through more countries than most of us ever will in a lifetime - And he's not even 30yo! 

Introducing the Curve Cycling Grovel Monster - Titanium GMX

July 09, 2016

CURVE GMX Titanium Adventure bike

We're super excited about the GMX and proud to see it out in the wild. We've worked through an extensive prototyping stage to make sure the geometry, handling and clearance works the way we want it to. We're looking forward to seeing a few them out on the Race to the Rock! It's the perfect bike to get lost on.

New Life Cycle - A 20,000km awareness-raising adventure

June 17, 2016

Meet Troy Bailey, a new member of the Curve crew. Troy is days away from kicking off his own massive adventure, one in which he's packing up his life and hitting the road on his bike for New Life Cycle. Why? Read on to find out what he's up to.

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