The Cycling Industry: Behind the Scenes

We've got wheels in stock right now. Our most common configurations (including dynamo builds) are built, in stock and ready for immediate delivery or pickup. A new Walmer Bar delivery is here too. "In stock" is just not something you hear in the bike industry these days. Why is that? Read on for some behind the scenes news on why bikes are impossible to get right now, and why we have been pushed to the brink.

The Cycling Industry: Behind the Scenes

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  • Thank you for the hardwork and the complete transparency on the actual situation guys. Keep it up !

  • Great read. Thanks

  • Holy crap!
    I know it’s been tricky sourcing basic bike parts (chains, tyres, bolts etc) as a small consumer, thought it was just a temporary supply/demand issue like the rush at the start of COVID. Had no idea the back-story ran so deep. Kudos to Curve and others in the industry for nailing it and still putting customers first in the crazy. Respect 🤘

    Nikki Martin
  • Thank you for the update this was most appreciated and informative. As one customer waiting for ‘ that new bike day’ the wait will just make that day all the more enjoyable. And I highly recommend the Walmer bars…go as wide as you dare and you won’t regret it, hands down best bars ever.

    Michael Reeves

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