LIVE TRACKING - Race to the Rock 2016

The time has come where months of planning is about to come into play.

Race to the Rock 2016 LIVE TRACKING

Starting 3 Sep 2016, Jesse is going to ride unsupported 2,300km from Adelaide to The Rock (Uluru otherwise known as Ayres Rock) via the Mawson Trail and Oodnadatta Track as fast as he can. You're welcome to ride it too, but you'll also be on your own, and Jesse will do his very best to get to Uluru before you! You'll need to do your own research on the route and decide what equipment, food and water you'll need to carry with you. No one will be out there to help you or hear you scream. 2016 sign-ups are now closed! 

The route covers some rugged, remote country in the Australian outback. Different to a lot of bike-packing adventures, this is not a "yeah two bottles will be fine" sort of a ride. The route demands respect, research and some caution. If you're looking for miles of mind-blowing single-track this is not for you. If you're looking for endless vitamin G, and a taste of the real Australia, then sign up below.

Ride the full route. No drafting. No help that others couldn't also get along the way. If you want to come along on this adventure you'll be expected to play by these three simple rules.

The final route can be found here.

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Information night: On 9 March 2016, we ran an information night at Commuter Cycles. We covered some aspects of the race and also more general outback touring. We recorded it here (note the presentation starts at about 15 mins in - this is raw, live stream, footage). Here is the presentation we used.