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Life's a grand adventure, which is enhanced by bikes.


At Curve, we want to be part of a cycling community that loves sharing the roads, stories and environment we ride through.

We’d like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners and first people of this or any land on which we ride through and pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

Bikes are awesome, and we believe the world would be a better place if everybody rode one.

Come join us for a ride.


Race Ride Seek

Steve Varga

Founder + Product Developer

Steve has had a long history racing, riding and working on 2 wheels. Steve's background in furniture design helped form Curve's ethos for well designed products. His eye for detail and technical knowledge allowed Steve to take his passion a step further to  launch his own range of products and form Curve Cycling.

Jesse Carlsson

Co-Founder SuperFreak + Product Testing

Jesse is a former BMX world champ with a PhD in physics. These days Jesse is better known for riding across continents and instigating rides such as the Indian Pacific Wheel Race and Race to the Rock. He is an inspiration to Curve and his followers, Jesse just wants to get you off the couch and out on an adventure.

Adam Lana

Director Sportif - Brand

Adam believes that the world becomes a better place when more people are riding their bikes, especially when they are out on adventure. So he's on a mission from G̶o̶d̶ Curve to make the world a better place.

Ryan Flinn

Grand Ambassador + Sales Director

Rhino's riding pursuits have seen him tackle all forms of riding, from Triathlon World Champs, to Red Hook Crit, to Cape Epic, to the Indian Pacific Wheel Race, to the the Trans Am and beyond.

Behind Ryan's antics and amazing cycling talents, you'll meet a guy who simply wants to share the wonders of cycling with the world.

Kate Fowler

Fulfilment & Project Manager

Kate is Curve's Swiss Army Knife of staff, covering a multitude of roles though now mainly heading up fulfilment and project management. You may also see her out on the Belgie Ride, local gravel roads or going long in events such as the TransAtlantic Way or the Indian Pacific Wheel Race. 

JB Mariez

Head Mechanic

Found masterfully building our bikes, troubleshooting any number of repair jobs and keeping things organised & clean around the workshop, you will find JB aka Passion. When not working on bikes you'll find him tinkering with a needle and thread creating custom wallets, bags & the like, anodising objects in his home kitchen and also being an understated, undisputed style icon!

Jimmy Röstlund

Technical Lead + Frame Builder

Jimmy is our technical lead here at Curve. He's been engineering bike parts and skillfully hand-building bikes for years now through his own brand Egress Bikes. Those same hands can tear up a MTB trail, take a fine photo and finely tune a bike build or product to the Nth degree.

Hamish McGowan

Sales Prodigy + Junior Engineer

Having been taken under the Rhino Wing, Hamish has fast become the sales prodigy needed to assist our customers through the journey of making their wildest bike-related dreams come true. Whilst also sharpening his skills within the engineering team to compliment his university degree, outside of work young Flamish is no stranger to heading off into the bush on overnight bikepacking adventures as part of the adventure duo Boys v Bush.

Sarah Hammond

Ride Leader + Queen of the Rock

The Curve family would not be complete without the likes of Sarah Hammond. The three time  winner of Race to the Rock brings a wealth of ultra-endurance knowledge and experience to the team. Her infectious laugh and ability to welcome people into the cycling fold makes her our ultimate Flash-Packing leader


Curve Frames include a 10-year manufacturer's (back to base) warranty. Curve wheels and accessories include a 2-year manufacturer's (back to base) warranty. This covers any manufacturing default that may become evident during normal riding.

This warranty does not cover products that are deemed consumable products, such as brake pads, tyres, tubes, tyre sealant and in most cases - nipples and spokes. Nipples and spokes are only covered under warranty if an unusual amount of breakages and failures occur during use of the product under appropriate conditions.

This warranty does not cover the product if the product has been used outside of normal use and/or has damage commonly caused by rider error. This covers up to and including any crashing of the bicycle (both self and situation inflicted), riding with incorrect tyre pressure (or pressures outside of the recommended range), rider exceeding the recommended rider weight for the specific wheelset or driving your roof rack-mounted bike into a low overhead obstruction such as a garage, car park, street sign or tree branch.

Warranty process and expected turnaround time

Being a small and new company we have limitations on stock holdings and back-up product being on hand. Therefore, expected turnaround on an approved warranty claim may take up to 6 weeks and in certain circumstances even longer. A demo set will be loaned if possible but is not guaranteed. We will endeavour to improve our response time as we grow with regard to our warranty procedure to ensure it will be as quick and painless as possible.

Warranty cost

The cost of exchange is free of charge for any approved claims. Labour to rebuild a faulty wheel is free. The customer making the claim must pay for the return of the product to Curve's warehouse (back to base), however, freight will be free for the product's return to the customer.

Spokes that need replacing will be charged accordingly (dependent on the wheel model).

Tech Tips

Washing your bike

Use bike specific wash. Some truck washes can be corrosive to aluminium parts. Use a soft microfibre cloth and bike brush to avoid scratching parts. Avoid using high water pressure on areas with grease or bearings (BB, headset, hubs). Rinse thoroughly. 

Caring for your drivetrain

The best way to make your drivetrain last longer is to clean it regularly. Use a chain cleaner (or two kissing toothbrushes), lubricate the chain, brush gunk out of the cassette, clean the jockey wheels, remove excess lube. Replace parts as they wear out. 

Preventing Disc brake squeal

Bed them in properly (ask your mechanic how), avoid getting detergents or oils on the rotors and pads. Wear the rotors and pads in together, and replace together. If your brakes are noisy, clean rotors and pads with a specific disc brake cleaner or isopropyl alcohol. 

Caring for your carbon rims

Keep within the recommended tyre pressure and maximum riding weight specifications. Take care especially around rocky or stepped terrain. 

Do not mount your bike on a tow bar mounted rack, which will expose it to extreme heat from the car's exhaust pipe. 


Where are Curve frames made?

China, my man. That is where the world's best titanium frame welders live.

What's the process when getting a custom build?

The process always starts with a conversation, so get in touch and tell us our about your Dream Bike, and we can advise on the best way to make that dream a reality. The next step is to put down a deposit (at least 50%)  - this will get the product secured or ordered under your name and the build process underway. We'll be in touch as the build progresses with any updates. 

What payment options are there?

We accept payment in the form of credit card, Pay Pal and EFT. If you'd prefer to pay for your Curve bike or product in multiple payments, please contact us for an invoice with payment options attached. 

How long will my order take to ship?

Some products can be shipped immediately and normally land within 10-15 business days. Other product will have a lead time depending on supply levels and build time. As a guide, complete bikes normally take 10–12 weeks, custom frames take 8–10 weeks, custom wheel builds take 2–3 weeks, plus shipping time. 

Designed in Melbourne Australia, developed globally.

We do it for the love of cycling.

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