Curve Collaborations

Curve collaborates with companies, brands, teams, clubs and individuals to help promote an aligned vision in the cycling world. We are all lovers of cycling and the many variations at diverse levels that our sport offers. Our Curve Crew is a fairly mixed group, from your friendly enthusiastic shop riders to elite racers on top of their game. We avoid the snobbery and elitist mentality that can lurk in our scene, where it seems there is no genuine passion, just one-upmanship! More loving, less hating we say!i

Boutiques, Studios, Mechanics and Wheel Builders: 

 - Curve in Sydney - 

Skunk Works Bikes
Zak AKA The Skunk, deals with some of Sydney's best bike builds and that's because he is extremely fussy with the way he puts a road bike together. Skunkworks have put a lot of love into building our wheels to perfection and we are proud to have him as a partner.

 Skunkworks can help you with - Curve carbon rims and custom builds primarily on White Industries T11 hubs, ExtraLite hubs and Tune hubs.

He has Curve demos to try out so contact him to organise a roll on them.

By Appointment only / P: 0416 219 174

 - Curve in Melbourne - 

Cycles Galleria
Have 4 amazing bicycle boutiques across Melbourne. All focused on getting you on an amazing bike products... good peeps with a great love of bikes. / P: (03) 9654 0720 / Google Maps - Cycles Galleria


Bike Tailor 
Shaun's  obsession over P. Sagen is only surpassed by his love for  Wout Van Aert and building kick ass bicycles.  12 Ormond Rd, Elwood VIC 3184  (03) 9531 4738


Jetnikoff Bicycle Co.
William Jetnikoff loves a bit of goodness, and goodness he has found through Curve Ti Frames... Will swears by them, and that means a lot to us. Stay tuned for more Curve goodness flowing through this lovely store.

Jetnikoff can help you with - Curve frames, alloy and carbon rims. / P: (03) 8388 7352 / Google Maps - Jetnikoff


Saint Cloud
Nick and Sime from Saint Cloud know a thing or two about bikes, riding and facial hair. So when they wanted to feature our wheels on some of their lovely bikes, we kindly obliged. Go see 'em.

Saint Cloud can help you with - Frames, carbon rims and our core range of wheels / P: (03) 8415 0727 / Google Maps - Saint Cloud

Omara Cycles
Omara Cycles have been around for a 70 years, and Jae is honoring his Grandfathers legacy with awesome service and real love for custom goodies. / P: (03) 8415 0727 / Google Maps - Omara Cycles



- Curve in Adelaide - 

Biomechanics Mechanics Cycles and Repair are Adelaide's premier cycle mechanics shop. If you want your bike or wheels built to thorough perfection, then Pete and Lia will look after you. / P: (08) 8410 9499 / Google Maps - BMCR


Treadly Bike Shop
Sam, Emily, Hamish and Jake help put the Rad in RAdeliade and the geezer in Ebenezer; nice bikes, nice peeps and great service.

Treadly Bike Shop can help you with - Frames, carbon and alloy custom wheel builds / P: (08) 232 0158 / Google Maps - Treadlie Bike Shop

- The rest of World -

The Blacksmith crew sure know a thing or two about beautiful custom bikes and they have an amazing boutique to match. Based in Toronto, Blacksmith are Curves first North American stockist. Go say "G'day" to Mike and talk bikes. / P:+1 416-853-9852 / Google Maps - Blacksmith Cycle



Coming Soon
Contact us if you are a retail store interested in Curve products.





Allan Iacuone - Road, CX - For more about Allan AKA Albi, read this great article praising his achievements as an Australian pro cyclist. He is one of the most talented yet modest riders and we are stoked to support him. Albi runs Break Away coaching clinics and helps other riders go faster!
CyclingTips - Allan Iacuone 
Adrian Jackson - XC, CX, Road - Adrian is a very active racer in the Victorian and Australian scene. An overview of his past achievements can be found at his own Wiki page. Don't let his small stature fool you, he is a true whippet and has raced against some of the worlds fastest. He has a PHD, and is affiliated with The Kings Men racing team. Wiki - Adrian Jackson
Scott Nicholas - MTB - Scott has an amazing back ground in marathon running. He has translated his incredible endurance capabilities to MTB racing. An insight to Scott and why he started riding can be found at the link below. He has had the privilege of meeting some of the worlds most influential coaches such as Bill Bowerman (Co-founder of NIKE) and has worked for NIKE at their world headquarters in Beaverton Oregon. He now the owner operator of The Running Company in Geelong VIC - HeroDirt - Scott Nicholas
Chris Jongewaard - MTB, CX, Road - Chris was a former BMX rival of Curve's own Jesse Carlsson. Chris is a beast on any bike and will likely tear the legs off future up and comers and other seasoned pros for many years to come. Chris has had a colourful career as a pro cyclist and his many setbacks and life lessons haven't stopped him. We are happy to offer him support as he closes the door on the past. He is a true competitor! An insightful read here at CyclingTips - Chris Jongewaard
Lisa Jacobs - Road, CX - There's something about Lisa. She's always happy! Especially when she is on her bike. When she is on her bike she is usually winning races. An ex-Australian road Team rider, her focus is now on CX. A lawyer by day, this high achiever has big goals. We are proud to have this happy, enthusiastic fierce competitor on Curve's.
Exciting news of more collaborations will soon be announced.

Any interested companies, brands, teams, clubs or individuals interested in collaborating on a project, please don't hesitate to contact us to begin a potentially beautiful partnership. Team or individual applicants don't need to be the most winningest riders, they are just expected to be positive ambassadors for the Curve brand, be active in your riding community and spread the good word via your presence at events, your blogs, websites and other online feeds. Be friendly and informative - simple! 

*Definition: Collaboration in certain circumstances may be similar to 'sponsorship'. Any interested applicants must attach an up-to-date 'Collaboration Proposal' outlining why you seek a partnership and how it is going to benefit both parties. We prefer the term collaboration as it implies that two sides are to work together for a common outcome.