We have Curve partners scattered across Australia and spreading around the globe. Our partners are there to give you an upclose Curve experience, something that we can't always do online. As partners, they often can get stuff to you quicker than we can, so drop in on 'em and say g'day.  


 - Curve in Sydney - 

Summit Cycles
Summit is arguably Australia's number one MTB store, building some of the finest bikes in the land. They are also keen on Curve adventures, and building dream bikes around our products. / P: +61 (0)2 9661 4245 / Google Maps - Summit


Skunk Works Bikes

Zak AKA The Skunk, deals with some of Sydney's best bike builds and that's because he is extremely fussy with the way he puts a road bike together. Skunkworks have put a lot of love into building our wheels to perfection and we are proud to have him as a partner.

He has Curve demos to try out so contact him to organise a roll on them.

By Appointment only / P: 0416 219 174


 - Curve in Melbourne - 


Jetnikoff Bicycle Co.
William Jetnikoff loves a bit of goodness, and goodness he has found through Curve Ti Frames... Will swears by them, and that means a lot to us. Stay tuned for more Curve goodness flowing through this lovely store.

Jetnikoff can help you with - Curve frames, alloy and carbon rims. / P:+61 (0)3-8388-7352 / Google Maps - Jetnikoff


Saint Cloud
Nick and Sime from Saint Cloud know a thing or two about bikes, riding and facial hair. So when they wanted to feature our wheels on some of their lovely bikes, we kindly obliged. Go see 'em.

Saint Cloud can help you with - Frames, carbon rims and our core range of wheels / P: +61 (0)3-8415-0727 / Google Maps - Saint Cloud


Bike Matters Torquay
Scott Nicholas, our 2016 24h single speed MTB world champ, opened Bike Matters down on the Surf Coast of Victoria. With so many good places to ride, Scott opened a shop worthy of servicing an awesome riding community. / P: +61 (0)3-5261-7216 / Google Maps - Bike Matters


- Curve in Adelaide - 

Biomechanics Mechanics Cycles and Repair are Adelaide's premier cycle mechanics shop. If you want your bike or wheels built to thorough perfection, then Pete and Lia will look after you. /

P: +61 (0)8-8410-9499 / Google Maps - BMCR


Treadly Bike Shop
Sam, Emily, Hamish and Jake help put the Rad in RAdeliade and the geezer in Ebenezer; nice bikes, nice peeps and great service.

Treadly Bike Shop can help you with - Frames, carbon and alloy custom wheel builds / P: +61 (0)8-232-0158 / Google Maps - Treadlie Bike Shop


- Curve in Perth - 

Western Australia is a big place to explore, and Victor or the super nice people at Get ya Fix will help you and get out there and get on all things Curve. / P: +61 (0)8-9228-9237 / Google Maps - Victor's CC


- Curve in Canada -

The Blacksmith crew sure know a thing or two about beautiful custom bikes and they have an amazing boutique to match. Based in Toronto, Blacksmith are Curves first North American stockist. Go say "G'day" to Mike and talk bikes. / P:+1 416-853-9852 / Google Maps - Blacksmith Cycle


- Curve in UK / Europe -

Giro Cycles
Jordan and crew make a mean coffee, they can also show you the best roads South of London. Stop in for a coffee, and maybe buy a bike... Giro Cycle Cafe have been servicing Curve customers all over the UK and much of Europe. / P:+44 (0)1372-701-701 / Google Maps - Giro Cycles


Coming Soon
Contact us if you are a retail store interested in Curve products.





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